Bacula 9.0.6

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  • Дата создания 10.12.2017
  • Последнее обновление 10.12.2017

22 November 2017 - Kern Sibbald - Bacula

This is a bug fix and enhancement release. The two major enhancements are support for Qt5 in bat and the tray monitor, and support for OpenSSL-1.1. However, the current Qt5 enhancement is not yet complete, so please continue to use Qt4 for building bat and the tray monitor. There were also a number of nice bug fixes. Thanks to the users who supplied patches for the enhancements and bug fixes. They are much appreciated.


– Update AUTHORS for recent commits
– Remove incorrecly placed openssl-compat.h
– Add openssl-compat.h which went in wrong directory
– baculum: Add removing single resource
– baculum: Add module to check resource dependencies
– baculum: Fix saving names with spaces inside schedule Run directive
– baculum: Fix saving entire config by api request
– Backout vol size tests in previous attempt to fix bug #2349
– Fix compiler warning in previous patch
– Apply patches from bugs #2325 and #2326 to fix FIFO bugs
– Fix bug #2315 INTEGER misspelled in
– Try to fix bug #2349 multiple recycle messages
– Add support for items with comma in ini_store_alist_str()
– Fix segfault after the reload of an incorrect configuration
– Add temporary fix to avoid a deadlock after a reload command on an incorrect configuration
– baculum: Throw 404 error if service not known
– Fix race condition between setip and the access to CLIENT::address()
– Fix #3284 about Client address not reloaded properly
– baculum: Use home page url when an error is shown
– Fix bug #2346 Dir blocks when max reloads reached
– baculum: Send config to api server as json
– Remove enterprise code that breaks Mac install — fixes bug #2351
– Correct FS size calculation for FreeBSD, Solaris, and Windows
– baculum: Enable Portuguese language support in makefile
– baculum: Fix required directives in schedule resource configuration
– baculum: Fix saving messages resource
– baculum: Improve slow reloading config resource list
– crypto: remove most of OpenSSL initcallbacks for 1.1
– Update ACL/XATTR code and define new ACL/XATTR API for Plugins.
– baculum: Fix numeric password setting bug reported by Heitor Faria
– crypto: convert EVP_PKEY access and remaining bits for OpenSSL 1.1
– crypto: convert EVP_MD_CTX + EVP_CIPHER_CTX to OpenSSL 1.1
– crypto: Use DEFINE_STACK_OF()
– crypto: Add a tiny OpenSSL compat level
– crypto: remove support for ancient openssl
– fix #3269 obey the user choice of “Are you sure you want to delete X JobId
– Add restore wizard to the tray monitor.
– Preparation fixes: remove some warning
– Add ASSERTD() to track NULL Volume name error
– Add “noautoparent” restore command option to disable the automatic parent directory selection
– Make qt-console compatible to Qt5 (Qt4 still work)

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2315 2325 2346 2349 2351

Thanks for using Bacula.